Monarch Migration

The monarch butterfly migration passes through northwestern Oklahoma the latter part of September through very early October.  These monarchs were photographed from the 14th through the 22nd of September 2011.  They were feeding on the Rocky Mountain bee plant in the Cooper Wildlife Management Area.

_IGP9737The Rocky Mountain bee plant’s abundant nectar is very attractive not only to bees but also to butterflies and moths.

_IGP9891This monarch can be identified as a male by the black spots on its hind wings.



Because they usually rest with their wings closed, they are difficult to photograph with their wings spread.

_IGP9929This is a female. It lacks the spots on the hind wings as the males have. The veins are also wider.

_IGP0013The Rocky Mountain bee plant is also found on the Great Plains.  It is a large plant growing up to five feet tall with many flowers and draws a number of migrating monarchs.

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