Boiling Springs Bucks 2011

White-tailed bucks photographed in Boiling Springs State Park, Oklahoma from November 10 through December 6, 2011.

_IGP0402November 10th, the rut or breeding season is just beginning. Notice this buck doesn’t yet have the swollen neck which bucks have during the rut.

_IGP0417Early morning light adds a beautiful warmth to the color in this image. The frost on the grass in the shaded foreground has not yet melted.


_IGP0464This one has a nice symmetrical 10-point rack.



_IGP0569The center of interest

_IGP0683During the rut, bucks are active night and day and get very little rest.




_IGP0768Ouch! This one has gotten too close to a porcupine. Note the five quills stuck to the left side of his face. Believe it or not, porcupines are not unusual in northwestern Oklahoma.

_IGP0887A light snow has blanketed the park on the morning of December 6, 2011 and the rut is almost over for another year.

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