The Black Mesa

The Black Mesa in the northwest corner of the Oklahoma Panhandle in Cimarron County is a unique and interesting landscape composed of mesas, buttes and rock formations left by volcanic activity. The highest point in Oklahoma at 4,973 feet is located here. In June the tree cholla cactus blooms, making this my favorite time to photograph here.
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The Lesser Prairie Chicken

The lesser prairie chicken is on the verge or being placed on the endangered species list. This member of the grouse family has always had a limited range and that range is becoming more limited due to fragmentation of habitat made worse recently by the establishment of large wind farms in northwest Oklahoma. I have photographed them the last two springs during their booming season which is the time when males gather on breeding grounds called leks to do an amazing courtship ritual to impress the hens. These were photographed from a blind on a lek in Harper County, Oklahoma.
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