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End of Summer Bird Portfolio

Technically these least sandpiper photos weren’t made in summer, but on May 19th.
Least Sandpiper, Fort Supply Lake
Baby Killdeer, Fort Supply Lake
Killdeer parent keeping a close eye on three little ones on June 11th.
The little killdeer were too young to fly, but could run surprisingly fast.
Barred Owl, Boiling Springs State Park
Barred owl photographed on June 22nd in Boiling Springs State Park.
Yes, this one was made in summer and that isn’t snow but salt! This is a snowy plover. Photographed on salt flats along the Cimarron River on the Selman Ranch, June 23rd.
Least tern along the Cimarron River on the Selman Ranch.
Least tern flying above the Cimarron River salt flats on the Selman Ranch in Harper County, Oklahoma.
These least tern photos were made on the 27th of June.