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Field Sparrow

Winter 2013-14 in Boiling Springs

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Field Sparrow
Field Sparrow
Field Sparrow
Field Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco
Dark-eyed Junco

_IMG3199Dark-eyed Junco





Winter 2012-13 in Boiling Springs State Park



White-tailed buck photographed 12-25-12
White-tailed buck photos made 12-25-12.

_IGP4905There is no need to feel sorry for white-tailed deer in cold, snowy weather. The hollow hairs in their winter coats insulate so well that not enough heat escapes their bodies to melt snow falling on them.




_IGP4875White-tailed doe photos made 2-12-2013.

Yucca Plants
Yucca plants photographed 2-20-2013.







Buttonbush Leaf and Seed-pod
Buttonbush leaf and seed-pod and the preceding six photos made on 2-21-2013.
This and the following photos made on 2-22-2013.
This and the following photos made on 2-22-2013.






Boiling Springs Bucks 2011

White-tailed bucks photographed in Boiling Springs State Park, Oklahoma from November 10 through December 6, 2011.

_IGP0402November 10th, the rut or breeding season is just beginning. Notice this buck doesn’t yet have the swollen neck which bucks have during the rut.

_IGP0417Early morning light adds a beautiful warmth to the color in this image. The frost on the grass in the shaded foreground has not yet melted.


_IGP0464This one has a nice symmetrical 10-point rack.



_IGP0569The center of interest

_IGP0683During the rut, bucks are active night and day and get very little rest.




_IGP0768Ouch! This one has gotten too close to a porcupine. Note the five quills stuck to the left side of his face. Believe it or not, porcupines are not unusual in northwestern Oklahoma.

_IGP0887A light snow has blanketed the park on the morning of December 6, 2011 and the rut is almost over for another year.

A New Crop of Whitetails

Boiling Springs State Park is home to a new generation of white-tailed deer each summer. The summer of 2011 has been extremely hot and dry and has affected the condition of some of the deer.  The does especially seem a little more skinny than usual, having an extra or (usually) two extra mouths to feed. They also spend less time in the open and disappear into the shade of the woods sooner as the heat rises earlier than in cooler years.

_IGP9213The fawns’ big ears help to keep them cool by radiating heat from the blood flowing through their ears.

_IGP9373This doe is giving her fawn a licking.

_IGP9316This fawn has it’s ears on the alert.

_IGP9204A doe feeding with her fawns.

_IGP9421Fawns exploring in the early morning light.


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